Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tales from the Scale (Recommitment Week 1)

6/17/2009 151.2lbs (-2.2lbs)

What a fantastic loss! I definitely earned it, and it's such a great reminder that this program really works when you stick to it.

I feel like I'm no longer "gambling" with the scale, doing next to nothing OP all week and then crossing my fingers before stepping on. It also feels amazing to know that you put in the work to see the numbers on the scale. Gratification at it's best.

I just finished up my meal plan for the week and it involves minimal grocery shopping which makes my wallet smile. In addition to getting back on track with my eating habits, I have also implemented a new household budget -- and it's strict. It is reasonable, however, and allows us to make cuts in certain areas to feed into the overall family pot as well as save for our vacation to Hawaii in December.

During my meeting, a fellow WWer Nancy made her goal weight. She lost 90lbs in one year and ten days. INCREDIBLE! She is very inspiring, especially because she is an older lady. She's also Southern and completely adorable, but that's beside the point. She was very humble about the whole thing, and I am being genuine when I tell you I almost cried. This is the first person in my meeting to make goal since I have been attending (January 09). The room was roaring with celebration.

It really reinforced the idea that that will be me someday. And if I keep at it, it just might be someday soon.

Yesterday I decided on my goal weight. I have been playing around with this idea since December 07 when I joined Weight Watchers. Originally, because of my size, I could never even imagine getting to the highest weight in my "healthy range," (141lbs) because I thought I would look like a stick figure. Now that I am closer to that weight, I feel comfortable dipping just a bit below it. I have decided that I want to lose a solid number. My "meeting" beginning weight is 203lbs (Diane added weight to my online starting weight to account for the fact that I was weighing stark naked first thing in the morning, and now I weigh fully clothed at 6:30pm)

65 pounds sounds good. It sounds like a massive accomplishment.

138lbs is do-able for me. I know I can get there, and when I am I will see how it feels. I would never set my goal any lower than that, but if I happen to drop to a slightly lower weight and it feels managable, I'll stay there.

138, here I come.


Jessitracker said...
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Jessitracker said...

Way to go!

You're almost there!

(I accidentally deleted this the first time. Weird)

Rebecca said...


keep up the great work...i cant wait to be back right aside you finally losing this weight for good.

yup...i used polyvore. just recently found this site and lurvvvv it! =)

antgirl said...

Wooot woooot! That's fab news. You can do it!

Rapunzel said...

Congratulations on that loss, whoo-hoo!!!

kristen said...

YAY! Congratulations, you totally deserve it!

I absolutely loved when a WW member would reach goal when I was at a meeting. I'd tear up too. I really miss going to meetings and seeing the same ladies every week, it's such a valuable resource and motivation.

Every week, our leader would end the meeting with asking us, "What's the difference between a member who reaches goal, and one who doesn't?" And we'd all say "the one who reaches goal wants it more." I truly believe you will reach your goal weight, you're focused, healthy, and on top of things!

Lor said...

YAY!!! I just e-mailed you, haha. GREAT JOB, NIC! A-MAY-ZING!! keep it up, girl! you deserve it!!! :)