Wednesday, June 24, 2009

200th Post.

Wow, bicentennial.

I'm feeling frustrated (but not defeated) this morning.

I won't go in to too much detail, but it involves a pulled back muscle, working out anyway and now incredibly amounts of pain.

Today is the first day of my new WW week. I'm excited to start planning and get prepared so I can have a completely OP totally awesome "guess what I did" kind of week.

As for this week....

I didn't meet either the goals I set for myself. But I did make time to set new ones.

+ Earn at least 30 APs
+ Track and Travel at least 20 miles via foot or pedal (

I'm already off to a good start with the tracking, having tracked all day yesterday (even when I ate half a bag of Pop Chips) and I *almost* earned 30 APs last week, so I KNOW I can do it this week if I focus.

Today I'm gambling with the scale. I never went *too* overboard this week, but I did drop off of tracking so I have no idea how in the red I am. I also dealt with TOM, so if I gain - it's all right there (in the PMS+ overeating) and if I lose, it's not really because I earned it, but rather that the scale gods are throwing me a bone so I can stay motivated.

I'm extremely excited for tonight's topic, which is on planning and organizing for busy schedules. This is usually the reason I fall off track, so I'm hoping to pick up some tips and tricks for the ladies (and gentleman) at my meeting.


kristen said...

Please share any good tips you pick up at the meeting! I'd love to hear what they have to say. A busy schedule is usually my biggest/most used excuse for getting off track, and I'd love to be able to combat that.

antgirl said...

Agree, please share.

I get off when I get hectic, too. I get so focused on getting stuff done.

fattygetsfit said...

explain this earning AP thing? I know AP=activity points but I am curious about how you do that....