Saturday, May 2, 2009

Workout Stats : Saturday (part 1)

Workout Stats : 507 calories burned
+1.25 mile jog
+10 sets of "Killers/Suicides" on the basketball court
+1.25 mile jog
+15 minutes Hoop Dance in the yard

Yes! It feels awesome to have 5 APs before 10am on a Saturday, and also to know there's more to come. I'm waiting on my breakfast now, water is boiling for some high fiber oatmeal. I'm thinking I'll take Jack (my dog) to the Minnehaha Dog park for a while so he has a chance to run around in miles upon miles of wooded trail while I walk in this beautiful weather and catch up on podcasts.

I'm still feeling extremely excellent about this week, even though last night I had a bit of a lapse and ate the remainder of Justin's pistachio gelato which ranks in at 6 points a serving. (I ate 9 points worth!)

This afternoon I have plans to stop at the grocery store for sandwich fixings since we're out of deli cut turkey and tomatoes. I'd like some avocados and sprouts to thicken things up a bit and I need baby carrots and strawberries as well.

I hopped on the scale this morning "just for fun" and it definitely was. I hope I can keep this up, because if I do, I'm in for quite a rewarding Weigh In!


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