Tuesday, May 5, 2009

PRE-WI Weigh In.

Just for fun, I hopped on the scale tonight at what would be my regular WI time on a Wednesday (tomorrow, the official weigh in) just to see where I was at.


That's a VERY large loss. I highly doubt that's going to stick through tomorrow, plus I had just sweat my butt off in a very difficult class.

Just knowing that the scale is MOVING though, that is such a huge relief.

Thursday is my 1.5 year anniversary of recommitting to Weight Watchers. What a wonderful decision that was.


Rebecca said...


your doin great nic!

keeping my fingers crossed for you tonight!

Jessitracker said...

Way to go!

antgirl said...

What great news! You go, nic! You really look fantastic - happy, glowing and healthy.