Monday, May 4, 2009

OOPS - edit

Ok, just kidding.

I forgot about a few things I ate last night.

Consider this a really big OOPS.

I am officially 17.5 points in the red for the week, with 3 days to make up for it.

It's really disheartening to think that ONE day/night can totally ruin everything, but that's reality.

The game plan is to step up the activity (which I'm not really sure I can do!) and try to create a small deficit to make up the difference.

If I gain, I know why.



antgirl said...

Your better habits will soon take care of the 'oops', I'm sure.

kristen said...

POLE DANCE YOUR ASS OFF! :) haha, just kidding. You've been exercising more, I'm sure you won't see too big of a gain - if any at all.