Thursday, May 7, 2009

My 1.5 Year Anniversary!

I have been committed (more or less) to Weight Watchers for 1.5 years today.

It's the beginning of my new week and I'm extremely excited. I had an excellent meeting last night where I lost .4lbs. Normally I would preface that by saying "It's not much, but..." Not today. I'm elated at the idea that the scale both moved and moved in the right direction.

Our topic was about Positive Self Talk, which is something that I have a hard time with. Even when I'm celebrating my accomplishments (like a .4 lb loss) I usually try to balance it with something just a tiny bit negative so as not to appear to be bragging.

However, Diane (leader) went on to explain that our thoughts directly dictate our actions, so I want to proclaim that I LOST .4 POUNDS! I did it! And I will do it again.

I would love to ramble about the meeting topic, but I think that Bitch-Cakes did such a nice job summing it up.

There are a number of reasons I am proud of my performance last week. Despite 2 days of flubs, I managed to get 41 APs, which is amazing for me. When I first began Weight Watchers and was extremely committed, it was not abnormal for me to get 45 APs each week for a month. However, I also weighed close to 200lbs, so it was much easier to burn calories than it is now, 50lbs lighter.

I also didn't let those 2 flubs ruin my entire week.

I tried a new class and it kicked my ass. Literally. My ass hurt, along with my arms, shins, quads, shoulders, arms, etc. I'm totally going to go back. That class is a powerhouse and will absolutely whip me into the shape I want to be in.

I tracked everything, all week long. Even when I got myself into the red (again...). This habit of holding myself accountable has also helped me to realize the trigger foods that set me on a downward spiral. Armed with this knowledge, I'm better equipped to say no to those things and stay on track.

My goals for this week are very simple. Plan, Track, Exercise. The first 3 days of this week are planned as far as meals and exercise, and I intend to sit down tonight and make up a grocery list to complete the week.

Best possible scenario is that I will see the same number on the scale this coming WI as I did when I weighed myself Tuesday evening. With that, I will earn another 5lb star and it will be my THIRD 10% goal.

Dinner last night.

Risotto Primavera with Parboiled Asparagus (drizzled in oil, lemon zest and parmesan) = 5 points


Rebecca said...

wooohooo!!!rock on...

i too lack in the positive self talk..

did you watch TBL? Mikey had to walk the marathon, and he was going to disqualify him doing it because he walked it not ran it and Bernie was like...dude, knock that sh!t off. you totally completed a marathon!!!

maybe it's fat person syndrome...

antgirl said...

I sometimes wane at the positive talk, too. I'm better than I used to be and much better at letting the small stuff go. It is so easy to get focused on the nitty gritty and lose focus of the big picture.

Wooot wooot! on your loss!

Jessitracker said...