Friday, May 29, 2009

Faultless Friday.

I'm trying a new outlook today for the blog, Faultless Friday. I am going to choose an area of my body and focus on the reasons why it is fabulous, only positives.

Today, an open letter to my legs.

Dear Legs,

You've carried me through this lifetime. Healing yourself after tattered abuse climbing trees as a child by relaxing on top of cool damp grass in the hot sun. You've carried me through so many phases of life; remaining silent and dormant as you sat crossed in your Ann Taylor under a desk at the Mortgage company to the Chuck Taylors of waiting tables at the Pizza Joint. You only slightly complained as your load continued to gather, knees screaming under the added weight. You've proven your strength, your endurance as you guide me through this particular journey. Sustaining hours of squats and sprints.

No one would describe you as "killer," Legs, but to me you are the ultimate. You power my bicycle, you dance with me, and you are the very reason I can play "airplane" with Eli even still as he now weighs over 50lbs.

I'm proud as I continue to see more and less of you, Legs. The definition in your quads, the heart shape of your calves, the reawakening of your kneecaps after years of a fatty folded shade. You were so brave when you made your debut in shorts. Not just shorts, but the shortest shorts ever made. You thought, "Well, it's been 10 years since I've worn a pair, I might as well go all out." And the world didn't collapse. Mothers didn't cover their daughters eyes. No one went blind. Instead, you got a whistle on Washington Avenue. Nice job, ladies.

I don't thank you enough. I'm especially thankful you were able to help me out in San Francisco - walking and biking up and down some insane hills. You really pulled through for me. You took the brute of the work and allowed me to enjoy my time with Justin with very little (but still some) whining and complaining.

You know what, Legs? I'm going to get you a massage. I promise. You've earned it.



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antgirl said...

This is a really fabulous idea!

Loved the letter to your legs. I think it is important to see ourselves positively.

Thanks for another tool to add. Must I write one to my wings? LOL