Friday, May 1, 2009

Fantastic start!

I love making lists. LOVE IT. I also love making goals, I don't necessarily love the work that comes to get to them.

Yesterday, I'm so glad I spent the majority of my day telling everyone and everything about how I was going to get this done. I fell asleep trying to catch a little bit of "What Not To Wear" before my second stint at the gym for Zumba. I ended up waking at 6:00pm, with the class starting in a mere half hour and deciding I wouldn't go.

I kept telling myself I wouldn't go.

...even as I was pulling on my workout clothes and strapping on my heart rate monitor.

My head and my body were wrestling. I wasn't REALLY tired, I was just lazy and fell asleep because that's what I do. (As a back story, I can fall asleep anywhere at any time. I'm not narcoleptic, I just love sleeping.) I ended up going and I'm so glad I did. It helped me round out my day with 8 APs and feeling like I didn't really have to work SO hard to get them.

I made a delicious dinner last night. Cranberry Pear Chicken with Broiled Zucchini and Mushrooms, a side of Barley and some Balsamic Tomato slices.

In case you're interested, the Cranberry Pear Chicken was DELICIOUS DELICIOUS DELICIOUS and weighing in at only 4 points. Even though I haven't updated it in forever, I am going to add it to the recipes page this weekend. I have a cache of about 17 recipes I've fallen in love with since the last time I updated and I need to share them with the weight loss community. This one is a keeper though, mmmmm.
Today's schedule involves a trip to Eli's school for his Piggy Play, Strength Training and cardio at the gym, and then a huge gaping hole where a plan should be on a Friday night. I'm entering danger territory. I'd really love to go dancing, but I don't know anyone who goes dancing anymore since Missy moved to California. I will probably fill the gap with a big long dog walk as my second AP earner of the day.
C'est la vie!


Rebecca said...


we'll both have a fabulous weekend!!

May is gonna be a good month for us!

antgirl said...

The chicken sounds yummy. Happy weekend!

kristen said...

I can't wait to see that chicken recipe, it sounds delicious! The veggies do, too.

You're doing so awesome, keep it up! I have to start nagging the people at my gym to get a Zumba class going, I've been hearing/reading so much about it's awesomeness, I can't imagine it wouldn't be a hit.