Thursday, May 28, 2009

Back on Track.

Good news!

I got the cleaning position at Flex Appeal, however, it's not quite as awesome as I thought. The work itself doesn't look bad, about 3 hours a week and I can listen to my ipod. However, working for trade means if the class fills up, I'm the first to get booted, which means - potentially - that I could actually be working for free if the classes I want to go to fill up often, which they do. So, I'm not really sure what to do about that, but I guess I'll try it for a while and if it feels like I'm working for nothing, I'll just have to quit and explain that there's just no benefit to me and I'd rather continue to pay for my use of the studio.

Secondly, I thought I had a loss last night because my last meeting WI was on 5/6/09, but apparently I weighed myself at home the week after and had lost a bit. I thought it was weird when I entered my new weight into the online weight tracker and it told me I gained, but either way, I went on vacation and didn't WI for 2 weeks and I only gained .8lbs.

I'm very proud of this.

I feel really out of the loop when it comes to formal "exercise." I haven't been to the gym in a million years because I've been gone, and I'm not really motivated to get there. My pass at Flex Appeal doesn't kick in until I've worked at least one shift, which I won't do until this coming Monday. I need to find some motivation to get moving.

I had a fantastic OP day yesterday, and I've planned out my day today to be the same. I'm trying to take this seriously, but I'm definitely still only moderately motivated. I know I need to either be strict with the exercise side or the food side, obviously both at once would be the best but I'm just not operating on that kind of high motivation right now.

Maybe I need to buy a bikini or something to hang on my door.


Rebecca said...

glad to hear you had a fabu time!!

i'm the same way... thought with it being summer, i'd be more motivated but no... i'm just even more busy!!!

one day at a time!

antgirl said...


The three hours of cleaning is a workout, right? But, yeah, they should be paying you if you don't get into classes. Hope it works out.

Sounds like you're doing great.

I'd be proud of that .8, too.