Wednesday, May 13, 2009

At Home Weigh In

So, I have basically been eating like I'm already on vacation for the last two days, but I definitely have stepped up the activity and I find that while I make some ridiculous indulgences (whole pints of ice cream) when left to my own devices, for the most part - my choices are quite reasonable.

I decided that since I'm missing my meeting today to opt for Happy Hour with the ladies, I better check in here, just so I don't get too lost. The topic of the meeting tonight is supposed to be Metabolism, and I'm just not sure that my leader knows enough about it to tell me something I don't know. I love her, but her exercise is walking and nothing else.

To be honest, I tend to avoid any of the meetings that have to do with activity or exercise. Because my group is so incredibly vocal, I get extremely frustrated to hear about the level of activity of the other women (and men) that helps them to have "huge losses." Like... climbing 4 flights of stairs, or walking a 1/2 mile, or doing yoga.

I know I shouldn't compare myself to these other people, but it's very frustrating to BUST YOUR ASS 5 days a week and remain consistent and/or gain on the scale - for the last 6 months.

However, I feel that something is finally catching up, because despite my poor eating habits for the last few days, I managed to squeeze out a loss!! OF AN ENTIRE POUND!

The second good thing happening, or at least hopeful thing happening, is that I was very anxious and worried this last week about having to discontinue my pole classes. They're simply too expensive. I had proposed a loan to my sister so that I could purchase an unlimited 6 month pass, which would cut the cost of the classes down significantly, and I'd also be able to try a lot of new classes that I haven't gone to simply because of the cost. She considered it for a long time, but eventually said no, which is totally fine and reasonable.

However, yesterday, when I was signing in to Power Pole Fitness, I noticed a sign at the end of the desk broadcasting that Flex Appeal was looking for 2 cleaning ladies to fill shifts on Monday and Thursday respectively in exchange for an unlimited pass. This would be 2 hours, every Monday afternoon in exchange for the pass. That is like an 80 dollar value if I made it to 4 classes per week. $40 dollars an hour is nothing to sneeze at!

I really hope that works out. I filled out an employment application, which I had a hard time with because I haven't filled one out since I was about 17 years old. I also topped it with a small letter explaining the situation and how reliable I am, etc etc.

Cross your fingers for me, otherwise, I won't be pole dancing much longer.

I really hope that's not true, because it has been such a gift to be able to enjoy exercise again because I can perform it in an unconventional way that simultaneously makes me feel strong and sexy.


antgirl said...

Hope your pass works out. :)

Errrgh! I'd be so annoyed with that , too - four flights of stairs and loses weight ... geeesh!

Are they younger people? Younger folks can usually get away with stuff like that.

HollyALP said...

It sounds like you'll find away to make what you love work. I am so impressed by your motivation and consistant drive. I am also totally envious of your workout schedule. I'm with you 100% when it comes to a difference of opinion with the ww group. I'm no longer a member but I remember how polar the meetings felt. One would be amazing when I would really connect with the group, while the next I would sit in the back of the room quietly waiting for it to be over. I hear stories of people who have found leaders who change their lives. I never found mine.

Anyway, you're doing amazing and I'm looking forward to hearing how this coming week goes.