Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Whoops.... there it is.

So, I got suckered into a "quick drink" last night for a friends birthday party at Pancho Villa. It literally took me over 20 minutes to decide to go. I debated back and forth about how stupid it would be to go because I had worked SO hard this week and I didn't want to set myself back from the progress I had made.

On the other side of the argument, I was feeling pretty socially stunted yesterday, having been in the house with just the dog for around 28 hours straight.

In the end, I decided to go, agreeing with myself that I would have ONE margarita and then go. I did have one.

Then I had my second. Pancho Villa has 2-4-1s pretty much every single second they are open. I ordered the one margarita, but I got a second one as soon as the first was gone. I could have easily given it to someone else at the table, but of course I didn't. ... and then I devoured half a basket of tortilla chips.

I'm feeling ultra-defeated by this. All of the sodium and sugar are going to totally ruin today's weigh in, a loss I deserved and earned.

Hopefully, fate will shed some light on me and let me have my loss anyway. I'm remorseful! Please forgive me! Let me get my 3rd 10%!

....are you listening?


Rebecca said...

i'll keep my fingers crossed and can only sympathize with you!!

Jessitracker said...

Drink a million gallons of water today and flush it all out!

You're doing great!

kristen said...

I would have done the same exact thing, don't beat yourself up over it. These are real world situations we're going to be dealing with our whole lives. You can balance this out by being extra careful for the next day or two.

Did you have a good time when you were out? That's what counts. You haven't been defeated!

antgirl said...

It is only one incident. Surrounding it is all good habits and better choices. If you had a few more days, it probably wouldn't even register. As it is, if it does show, just tell yourself that it will gone in a few days.

Being social is something we all need. Temptation waxes and wanes for me when I'm out. I often wish establishments had more healthy choices and more variety. They certainly don't help our cause, do they?