Thursday, April 23, 2009

Weight Tracker 5000

I just wanted to stop and sing the praises of the new Weight Watcher's e-tools Weight Tracker.

I think a portion of my new-found motivation comes from seeing this:

Instead of this:

There was a time when I was on a roll, when I really really knew what I was doing and doing it well. I CAN get back there. I'm there right now. Being able to look at the process as a whole, rather than ONLY for the last 3 months as opposed to the old tracker really helps to bring me back to a place where I need to be. The focus is on activity and tracking. Those are my 2 goals this week.

Activity Goal: At least 60 minutes (can be staggered) of moderate activity daily. Plan being..

Wednesday: OFF (only because I was feeling sick)
Thursday: Zumba
Friday: Strength Training 1, 30 minutes cardio
Saturday: Hiking
Sunday: Strength Training 2, 30 minutes cardio
Monday: Pole fitness
Tuesday: Strength Training 3, 30 minutes cardio

I have adopted 3 separate Strength Training circuits. Not only will it ease my boredom at the gym, but it will definitely start to keep my muscles on their toes.

Tracking Goal: Just write it all down. Literally. In addition to tracking with e-tools, which has been my preferred method, I've adopted a food diary notebook that will stay on my person at all times. I am completely a pen to paper person. I make lists all day long, I love writing. This might be a welcome change to really get me back in the habit of tracking every little thing. After tracking yesterday, I'm amazed at how fast my measly 22 points are gone when I don't pay attention. Insanely fast. Lighting speed. Keeping a running count will be helpful to keep things in order.

Those are both simple goals, and I can totally handle them.

I am preparing my grocery list today, and making my meal plan for the week. I am going to try to plan out meals, make 2 of them tomorrow during the day and package everything into serving sized tupperware. I am completely aware that because I am a constant meal-skipper, too busy to remember to eat, that I will open the fridge and grab whatever can either be shoved into my mouth, or shoved into my mouth with the least amount of prep time. Being able to toss a tupperware in the microwave is priceless to me. Being prepared is key.

I am also going to load up on lots of fruit. I tend to eat a lot of vegetables, which is great, but every so often, I neglect them and they go to waste. I know I love to eat cucumbers as snacks, and tomatoes with oil and balsamic vinegar. Those 2 veggies take a little while to go bad, so they're on the list. I'll be discontinuing a lot of the bell peppers for which I have good intentions but they rot away in my crisper drawer. This time, it's apples, pears, and grapefruit.
I was chatting with someone at the meeting last night who said "50 pounds, that just seems so impossible," and I remember being there. But now, it feels like it would be easier to lose 50 pounds again than to lose just these last 10.
But I can do it. I just need to help the scale go in the right direction (which is down, by the way) and I know exactly how to do that. It's all about the execution now.
Here I go.


Rebecca said...

i too love all sorts of pen and paper-ness....

i think i have stacks of books/journals because they are so purrrity...

antgirl said...

Learning to deal with our *real* selves is a big one. I incorporate *me* into my plans. It really does wonders for sticking. :)

*Irene* said...

A walk is a great idea...better than nothing right? =)

Anonymous said...

I am a fellow WW who found you on message boards and I frequent your blog. I am too lazy to make me own right now, though I should because I feel that it would help. I, too, am on my last 20 lbs to lose. I started at 192, I am at 160, and want to be down to 140. I have been gaining/losing the same 2-3 lbs for the past 3 months. It's lame. I need to dedicate myself as well, it's just been so dang hard! Especially when you "screw up" at the beginning of your week. Keep up the good work you CAN do this, and I need to find myself some of your motivation :]

HMoniz86 (Heather)