Thursday, April 30, 2009


I am so incredibly pleased with my outlook today.
I had some time this morning at work with little else to do, so I grabbed a fresh planner and started plotting out my fitness calendar for the month. I had the basics of static meetings and important obligations that couldn't budge, so I scheduled in gym time and classes around it.

I am going to attempt to double up on activity until San Francisco. The plan is to go to the gym directly after office hours, just for about 30-45 minutes and come back in the evening for a class or go to a class elsewhere.
This allows for 3 days of Strength Training, 3 days of Couch to 5k, which I'm trying again - starting at week 5, and 6 days of Cardio. Wednesdays are always off because it's meeting and WI day, and that's just what I've always done.
I've already had over 100 oz of water today, did my 45 minutes at the gym, washed the dishes and I'm almost done with a small stack of case notes I needed to enter for work. When I finish up the work, I'm headed to the Midtown Global Market's produce exchange to pick up some fruit and see if the spices I bought there a year ago are still around.
Tonight I'm headed back to the gym for Zumba and then Justin and I are going to be in - working on bikes, watching movies and sharing a bottle of wine. Tomorrow morning Eli is in a school play so we'll be headed to that. Should be adorable. He's a narrator because he's such a good reader!
In the spirit of things, I've made some May goals.

May Goals
  • Track EVERYTHING. No more lying, underestimating, etc. I am the ONLY one who sees my tracker and it makes no sense to be dishonest or leave things out. I'm only hurting myself.

  • Earn at least 30 APs per week. With my new plan, this should be a breeze.

  • ENJOY VACATION! I am going to San Francisco in mid-May for a little less than a week, but leaving for a camping trip the day after we get back. It will be a lot of time away and a lot of really indulgent food and that's ok. I have not left the state of Minnesota in over 4 years. San Francisco is just Justin and I, camping is a family trip.

I'm feeling excellent (still!) and really really confident that I can pull this off.

I had a request to add more pictures, and I will certainly be more consistent with that in the days/weeks to come. In the mean time, here are a few.

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