Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ebb and Flow.

For a while there I was posting mostly pictures, but lately I've been really introspective. I'm devising strategies all the time, now that I am officially back on track.

I stopped trying to discriminate between being "On Plan" and "Off Plan." I am always on plan. Always. If I overeat, that's just reality - so it is part of the program. I'm still 100% dedicated to tracking and this week I got over 25 APs. The number is slowly rising back up to it's standard of last year when I was really losing.

Tonight is my WW Meeting. The topic is "Self Control." I think it's a timely meeting for me, because currently I feel I have a handle on it. By discussing this with the group tonight, I'm hoping to solidify and justify my strategies and hopefully share some tips.

I was also talking to one of the trainers at the gym about how to eliminate internal body fat, and after a little question and answer, we decided I simply was not eating enough. This week, I'm going to try to up my caloric intake a bit, but I need to sit down tonight and plan to make all the additional points I add Filling Foods only.

...I ate tortilla chips again this week, yesterday, at my board meeting, the day before weigh in. I'm confident in a loss though. I deserve it.


Rebecca said...

keeping my fingers crossed!!!

antgirl said...

I try to make all my food count, too. It makes me feel better when I hit all my nutrition categories like I ought. I just feel like I work better - physically, mentally and emotionally.

Good luck on your weigh in!

I work hard at loving the way I eat. It helps a lot. I really do love eating all the fresh, nonchemical, nonprocessed food. I tell myself how great I'm being to myself and make my plates look pretty. Then I feel good and it makes me want to keep doing it.

That being said, the bakery department lured me into buying tarts yesterday. Damn bakery. I'm hoping the allergic reaction I had last night was related to the tarts. Then perhaps I'll quit being tempted. All's I can say in my own defense is that I'm not tempted very often.