Friday, April 17, 2009

Chocolate Crusader Chronicles

You might have noticed my absence from the blogosphere in the last week. Yes, it's because I wasn't doing well WW-wise, with Easter and all, but also because I lost my internet connection for a few days.

Easter was difficult. I am from Minnesota, the land of cheesy potatoes. Cheesy potatoes that I just can't say no to. And wild rice soup, and ham, and more cheesy potatoes. I will admit that last week, I literally was in the red by more than 100 points. No joke. That's WITH flex points and the 18 APs I earned.... We took home leftovers and I had my own mini-Easters for the 2 days to follow the actual Easter and I ate enough chocolate to make an entire elementary school mad with sugarsyndrome.

I have been back on track as of Wednesday, and I feel fantastic.

One point of inspiration was filling out my Activity Log for the Meltdown at the Y yesterday, after Zumba, and seeing that I got 100% credit (perfect week) for my activities. The week before I got 9/10, which is still great! Maybe we are going to do better than we thought! Go Team Fempire.

In other news, I got my latest issue of Fitness Magazine, and there's a very interesting toning routine in there. I know I've mentioned before that I think Fitness Magazine is the tops, I love their ideas, tips, everything about it. I'm going to give this new routine a try and hope it reignites my love of exercise because right now - I'm so bored with it.

I have to play to my strengths when it comes to this, and I've been very diligent about attending Zumba and Pole Fitness on a weekly basis. Mondays for Pole, Thursdays for Zumba. Both are great calorie burners and I can tell that Pole Fitness is really giving my arms some good definition. I even rocked a tank top with no cardigan already this year, something I very rarely (if ever) was known to do. I would wear sweaters on 90 degree days just to hide my arms, but now I am proud of them! They're a source of power and strength and I respect them for what they do.

Classes are something I will do, so my goal is to find one more class to add to my schedule, giving me 3 definite days of cardio activity, and adding that new strength routine 2 days, I will have 5 serious days of Activity, leaving me 2 days to find some way to exercise outside. With the turn of the weather, I know that will mean hoop-dancing in the yard, and I'm psyched for that.

I promise to visit this blog more often this week. I am in high spirits and very hopeful to lose my Easter Gain this coming week at my Wednesday WI. I know I can do it.

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antgirl said...

It's easy to get bored.

I have moods where I get bored with food, too. Checking out fitness dvds from the library offered weeks of variety. Ended up in a few purchases, too.