Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Weigh In : 149.2 (-0.8lbs!)

I did it! I did it! I DID IT! After 7 months being stuck in the 150s, I have broken out! Hitting a milestone like this (especially like this one) is really really inspiring to me for the week to follow. I swear, living on the Weight Watchers program cuts my whole life into 1 week segments, and to be honest, that hasn't been a bad thing.

It really forces me to be present in the here and now and not dwell on past mistakes or think about what *might* happen in the future. All that matters for me is what I can accomplish in the next week to get to my overall goal(s).

I'm feeling really fantastic right now.

In non-weigh-in news, I spent some time in the kitchen today. After yesterday's ridiculously busy schedule, I realized I really need to get back in the habit of picking 2-3 days per week and just cooking everything. I pack it all up in tupperware and I have TONS of healthy choices literally at my fingertips.

Sometimes I even compile my food for the day into little sections in the fridge. For example, say I want to eat Spicy Chicken Stew for lunch. I'll portion out my 1.5 cup serving into a container and I will set it next to my bag of spinach. Since that only has carrots and zuchinni, I should probably add some more vegetables. So, I will also slice up some green pepper and more carrots and put those in a little plastic baggie on top of the spinach and move the dressing there as well. Instant salad. I'll pile an apple and a piece of string cheese on top of that and I have my entire first half of the day sitting in that one corner.

If I can grab everything in one arm full, I KNOW I will stick to the plan. When I have to reach into various sections of the fridge and make eye contact with other things I may feel that I want, (like the can of Reddi Whip) then I'm headed straight into the danger zone.

Today I made Apricot Glazed Chicken breasts (with apricot preserves, lime zest, chipotle en adobe, garlic and ginger), Sweet potato Chickpea salad (with arugula, cilantro, lime zest, rice vinegar, oil, pepper and ginger + feta on top) and Sweet Potato Falafel Sandwiches. I didn't actual compile the sandwiches, but I made the main ingredient so it's accessible to me.

I'm about to make my cauliflower mashed "potatoes" and heat up one of those chicken breasts. Promising pictures for tomorrow.


antgirl said...

Congrats on the break out! OK, that sounds weird. :)

Your cooking sounds yummy!

Rebecca said...


that is fabulous!!! and it's only taken you 2 weeks to get back on track.

i agree wtih the whole preparing your meals and stacking them in the fridge.. i do that too and it helps out so much because there is no need to eat off plan.

keep up the great work!!!

Heidi said...


1LB to the Goal said...

YES!!!! I am so happy for you!