Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tug of War.

I had a really hard conversation with my Mom this week. I finally told her that I needed to reclaim the Weight Watchers meeting as my own.

I genuinely enjoy my Wednesday night meetings, look forward to them and participate whole heartedly. I struggle with assisting my mom on her WW journey because she's off plan more often than on, she sometimes approaches the meetings with a completely negative attitude or scoffs at people's comments rather than support and agree.

I need that hour of the week to be a positive safe space for me to explore the world of Weight Watchers and listen intently as well as share my own tips, tricks and troubles.

She took it really well and I have been having a very good week.


Rebecca said...

OH MY GOSH... my mom is exactly the same way!

seriously, i've tried so many times to assist her, give her tips and cheer her on, but i can only stand by so many times and see her doing everything exactly the same way and then complain as to why she isnt seeing results.

its definitely a tough one. yay for you telling her what you need.

kristen said...

That takes a lot of courage. My mom and I have a close relationship and sometimes I just don't know how to approach "cutting the cord."

You put yourself first, your mom is probably proud of you.

antgirl said...

Kudos on the courage! That's a big step. I know what you mean. I get annoyed if Husband starts yapping at me while I'm working out. I consider that *my* time.