Sunday, March 22, 2009

Thoughts from the Desk : White Castle

Yesterday was a pretty fantastic day, indeed. It started out with brunch at the Triple Rock with Justin, my Dad and his girlfriend Jean. I had already planned ahead to have oatmeal with 1/4 cup soy milk and 1 tbsp brown sugar. I didn't deviate from this plan and I felt completely satisfied. I was surprised at how high the points value of oatmeal can climb when you're not just eating it out of a little packet, but the nutrients are probably more beneficial either way.

Justin and I hopped on our bikes and rode from the Triple Rock to the Guthrie Theater where we met back up with Dad and Jean for an afternoon showing of Two Gentlemen of Verona, which I thought was just fantastic. Poor Justin hadn't gotten enough sleep the night before and slept through most of it. He doesn't care too much for Shakespeare either way, but I totally appreciate his company on this double date.

We jumped back on our bikes and headed home. This wasn't much of a bike ride, maybe 2 miles total, but I'm going to count it as an AP anyhow just because we were biking VERY fast, probably 20 MPH the entire time, which doesn't end up being long when you're only going about a mile.

Shortly after, I met up with Jessica and lil' Joe at my house where we took my dog Jack to the big Minnehaha Dog park. We walked around, but not for too long because the sun was rapidly dropping and being trapped down there by the river in the dark is exceptionally terrifying. It is hard to navigate your way. Jessica tracked our steps around 4k, which I upped to 6k for me, since my gait is significantly smaller than hers. This earned me another 2 APs which we spent quickly on a couple of Milk Stouts on my front porch swing. We chatted outside for a long time. Jessica and I never have much to talk about, but they're always easy conversations. I can honestly say that I enjoy her company above most, and I am very lucky to have her as a friend. As a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers, she is so inspiring, but has been struggling lately with maintenance. I hope that I can stay on track enough to help her, even if by just setting an example. I am trying not to push any advice on anyone right now.

We finally got off the porch and headed to the Longfellow Grill for dinner. We split a Goat Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast + root vegetables and a Salmon Burger + salad. It was delicious. It took the rest of my daily points. I hope I estimated closely enough. Being a relatively seasoned chef now, I just guessed what may have gone into these dishes based on the descriptions and tastes and put them into the recipe builder.

At the Longfellow, I decided I really really wanted to spend some of my extra points on a DQ Blizzard. They are on sale right now, and my television keeps reminding me that during every commercial break. It's been on my mind lately, especially as the weather continues to warm. We decided we would go to DQ and I would get a blizzard and she would get some sort of novelty item.

They were closed.

Blessing in disguise? Probably. We decided to go have a drink at La Belle Vie instead. We sat in giant easy chairs by a fireplace and sipped desserty cocktails. It was extremely satisfying and about 1/3 the points value of a small blizzard. It also lasted a lot longer. Great idea, Jessica.

When the drinks were cashed at La Belle Vie, we headed over to Tickles, the new gay bar in NorthEast to meet back up with lil' Joe. Strange place, strange atmosphere, adorable waiter. I never could decide if he was gay or straight. It doesn't really matter, since I'm not looking, but it was kind of a fun puzzle either way. I had a glass of wine. Just one. I felt pretty proud of myself, especially as I knew I was already digging into Flex points with the martini I had at LBV anyway. After a couple hours, great songs picked on the jukebox and a game of darts, Jessica and I decided to head home.

But not without our trip to White Castle.

This is kind of a staple "end of the night" thing to do when you are coming home from a bar in NorthEast. You kind of ... just have to. I know that's no excuse, and we knew what we were getting into. I ordered 4 jalapeno cheeseburgers. I ended up only eating 2.

All in all, it was tons of fun. I have 5.5 Activity Points left for the week, which means I better get off my butt and earn some. It's a beautiful day, I'm headed to pole dance at Flex Appeal Studios in about an hour. That's not really cardio or anything, but it is really challenging for the muscles. After that, I'll either go to the dog park with Jack again, or take a run around the neighborhood. I may find myself at the gym later this evening, we'll see.

I know that Tuesday I am going to African Dance, so that will help as kind of "Last Chance Workout" before WI on Wednesday. I hope to have my first loss in weeks. I have been very good and strategic, making good choices (aside from White Castle, but we're allowed!) , I've tracked EVERYTHING and I'm getting more activity than I have in previous weeks.

I've been shying away from the idea that warmer weather will make WW easier again, but I think it will. Healthy food is so much more accessible to me when the Farmer's Market opens in the summer. I make a lot of salads and eat TONS of tomatoes. Looking back at my activity level also, there is just a lot of it because I'm able to commute by bicycle, so while I may not count those as APs, at least my body is moving. For now they'll be counted because it is in now way my current routine. In fact, it's kind of hilarious to be back on my bike so much and be looking for the screen that's showing me my RPMs and how many calories I'm burning... it's not there! It's at the gym. Silly.

Long enough post. Sorry to bore you!


antgirl said...

I just got an e-mail newsletter from Devin Alexander with how to make your own White Castles. Let me know if you want a copy. :)

Rebecca said...

yeah!!! for you and me both!!!

i've been doing a fabulously tracking and may finally, finally be below 180 on a Monday!!

wooohooo....keep up the great work!!