Sunday, March 29, 2009

Thoughts from the desk: Swingin' around a pole.

I just got home from Flex Appeal Studios where I take a pole dancing class here and there. I have an overwhelming amount of respect for the strength that pole dancers have in their upper AND lower halves of their bodies. Every time I come home from this class my arms are aching and my quads are nearly about to explode.

Additionally, this morning, I stood outside of Target until opening at 8:00am to get a Wii fit. On an impulse yesterday, Justin bought the family a Wii. We played it all night. I was told to be at Target "first thing" in the morning if I wanted to every see a Wii Fit. They weren't lying. I was the first one in, there were 4 Wii Fits, and they had all sold by the time I was buying milk.

I feel like I am really setting myself up for success by making these investments. Money might not buy me happiness, but it does buy me diversity in my workouts and therefore, buys me fitness and health. I played with the Wii Fit for approximately 25 minutes this morning before Eli or Justin got out of bed and I can tell that this is something I can get in to.

I believe I've talked about how difficult home workouts are for me. I need the gym because it is a place with a focus. When I go there, I am there to workout. My living room, however, has been known as a place to lounge around, talk with friends, lay on the dog and play video games... not a place to get my heart rate up. Perhaps the opposite. Building off the video games idea however, the Wii Fit is fun, interactive and entertaining.

I have decided that for my next reward at 145lbs, I am going to purchase a punch card to Flex Appeal so I can just go whenever I want and the cost is not a factor. Right now, I go when I have a little extra cash. The classes are $20 a piece for 1 hour. That's a lot for me, considering my gym membership is only slightly more for an entire month. I always feel extremely motivated and rejuvenated after finding fitness in something not directly so, and I need to keep that up.

I am on the 4th day of my WW week and I feel like I'm doing awesome. I have 16 APs, and 18 flex points left. I've been eating until I'm satisfied and I even treated myself to a DQ blizzard because I really wanted it. Weight Watchers is by far the most livable program I've ever tried and after 18 months, I still believe that.

Thank you all so much for the support you continually give. I apologize for being horrible at commenting on other peoples blogs on a regular basis because I know it is so important to just know there are other people out there, working with you. I pledge to be better at this. Do know that I am constantly thinking about everyone I know who struggles with their weight, health and overall quality of life. We are working toward a great goal.

Should you ever need help with anything that you don't want to publicly post, don't be shy. Email me at diet(dot)nicole (at) gmail (dot) com.


Lor said...

reading your blog realllly helps me!! and the pole dancing classes look totally fun! :)

Rebecca said...

oohhh...i just recently found a place around my neck of the woods that offers these classes and ive been throwing the idea around because it sounds like soo much fun!

like you though, i just dont have the extra $20 for a class.

oh well...soon enough!

kristen said...

it's great to hear you're back on the wagon and doing so well! As far as I know, there aren't any pole dancing classes around me. I'd definitely consider going in there was! I have zero upper body strength and it looks like a fun way to improve that.

What are you doing on the Wii fit? I've had it for awhile and it's starting to collect dust. Not that I have a lot of extra time right now, but I'd like to hear what works for everyone else.

I'm with you about WW. It's definitely the program/lifestyle that has the least amount of guilt. Even though I'm not counting points anymore, I still journal everything I eat and keep track of my exercise. I think one of the most important lessons WW has taught me is to be accountable for my actions- good and bad.

No need to apologize for lack of commenting! We all have our busy periods. I enjoy reading your blog so I'll continue to come back no matter what. :)

antgirl said...

Your class sounds like a blast! I'm always up for a fun workout. Fun makes it so much easier. :)