Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Thoughts from the Desk : 7-10 split

In a pure moment of irresponsible planning and a desperate need to do something new, Justin and I went out to eat last night with our friends Jessica and Joe at Pepitos. I've never been there, and it's a Minneapolis staple. It's also connected to the Parkway Theater, another Minneapolis Landmark establishment. We saw a 3D movie and ate way too much mexican food which basically means I could have poured myself a bowl of salt and gone to bed. I would have saved a lot of calories.

I'm disappointed in myself. I actually had a pretty good week. I even mentioned to Jessica as we were making plans that I shouldn't go out to eat so that I could see some results on the scale to re-motivate me after 2 weeks of gaining. It didn't matter, I tossed the smart decision either way.

I don't feel guilty, per se. That would be stupid. I do feel a sense of regret, both for the wasted calories and the wasted money when we have a whole fridge worth of food here and a cache of recipes just waiting to be made.

This week, I vow to not eat out except for the 2 meals I have planned. Friday night my family is getting together to go ice skating at the Depot and have dinner later at Harry's Food and Cocktails. They do not have a menu online, so I feel like I'm going into that dinner blind, but I will make the best choice I can. Additionally, the next morning, my Dad and his girlfriend and Justin and I will be headed out for brunch at the Triple Rock. This will be an easy one, since about 2 weeks ago I treated myself to biscuits and gravy there, I don't feel deprived of my favorite breakfast food. When I am being "good" and at the Triple Rock, I have a huge bowl of Steel Cut Oats with a little soy milk and a little syrup or brown sugar. It's still about 5-6 points, but that's much better than eating the B&G which I usually estimate to be about 22-25.

I have a somewhat hectic schedule next week, with 2 networking happy hours to attend. I've lost the shame in asking for a diet coke with a lime in a low-ball so that I can appear to be drinking but not actually waste the calories. This has been a good plan for me in 2 ways, a) I'm on top of my game b) diet coke is seriously cheap in comparison.

I'm hopeful for a better week. I will probably while a little later tonight when I see the true number on the scale. I know that I am up. Part of it is superficial from all the sodium yesterday. My leader is going to freak on me. If I gained more than 2lbs again, that's a 5lb gain lately. Is there some sort of 50lb mark slump?

I have faith because I'm back on the exercise bandwagon. While I normally avoid the gym on WI day, I'm going today. If it makes me weigh more, so be it. I have to start working NOW to get to where I want to be next week.


Jessitracker said...

Yeah, I really shouldn't have suggested going out and getting mexican food after you said you wanted to avoid going out to stay OP. Sorry for being a bad WW friend!

It was fun hanging out with you guys though!

antgirl said...

I get regret v. guilt. I get the regret sometimes, too, especially if it results in my tummy feeling pudgier. :) I just keep going. It goes away.

Lor said...

Even though you've gained and could potentially gain this WI, YOU ARE STILL GOING. give yourself credit for that! you aren't not going because you're afraid, or hiding, etc.

hang in there! you've done an amazing job so far, and are quite the inspiration!

(pi3rc3d04 on WW boards.)