Wednesday, March 25, 2009

O. M. G.

3.6 lbs!

Tonight at my meeting I was down 3.6lbs from last weeks gain. THREEPOINTSIX. No matter how I say it, I just can't believe it. During a week I had white castle AND TOM, I lost 3.6 pounds. Remarkable.

Now, the idea... is that I am ONE pound away from my third ten percent goal if I am going by my meeting weights, which I am now, because they are the ones that give me Lifetime Status. If I "started" at 203lbs, which is the weight I was assigned based on my online starting weight of 199 and the fact that clothes (jeans and sweatshirt, etc which is how I first weighed in at meetings) weigh on average 3-4lbs, then my first 10% would have been at 182.7lbs. Second 10% at 164.4lbs and my THIRD 10% will be 148lbs.

I am going to do everything in my power to ensure a loss of at least 1 pound for next week. I think the fact that I got over 20 APs this week (FINALLY, for the first time in forever) was extremely helpful. I need to remember that exercising more means I get to eat more, but that I'm not necessarily more hungry - which gives me some slack for going out.

I also just talked to Justin to tell him the good news, and he had some good news of his own. He has been getting bonuses at work lately due to good performance with saving the company money based on labor versus sales. He got another one today. $650!!! He JUST got one about 3 months ago. I'm so proud of him, I think that's awesome. Hopefully we'll celebrate.

....Just not with food.


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kristen said...

That's so so so awesome! I'm so happy for the two of you. Three.Six! 3.6! That's an awesome number. Congrats :)

It's funny, I just noticed that with a lot of the blogs I read are in synch. I've been reading a lot of positive posts the past few days, which were preceeded by a week or two of people posting about being down and off the wagon. Soon we'll all have our TOM together!

I hope you and Justin have a great time celebrating, you both deserve it!