Sunday, March 15, 2009

Feeling a gain coming on.

It's Sunday night, and while it wasn't the worst weekend I've had, it certainly wasn't good. I'm in the red for flex points and APs, but at least I am still tracking. Every time I track something I know I shouldn't have eaten, I make a better choice for like... the next 5 hours. If I can keep it up, eventually I will be 100% OP again.

The down part of the week so far has been my relative inability to get much activity in. I did make it to the gym twice, once for Zumba, which was fantastic and very missed. It used to be a very regular part of my routine, but Thursday is an ultra-popular night for social obligations and I've just shied away. I'm going to try to make it a priority again.

Yesterday Justin, Eli and I walked all over the city. We walked to the train to go to the Library and decided to walk from the Library to get some lunch, only we had no idea where we were going, so we just kept walking. Eventually we decided on Acadia, and I made a great choice - Vegan Veggie sandwich. However, Justin made a far more delicious choice and I ended up trading half my sandwich with him. .... and ate a lot of his fries even though I traded mine for salad.

.... and had a beer.

Anyhow, we walked home from Acadia, and then walked more, and more and more. We ran errands, and went grocery shopping. The fridge is stocked and I have been 100% OP today because of that.

I'm headed to trivia in a little while. Tomorrow I am meeting up with a co-worker mid-day at the gym to show her the ropes with free weights. She can't afford a trainer, and while I told her I'm in no way qualified to be showing her these things, I'd be glad to give her some demos of what has worked for me. She's excited, which makes me really excited. I plan to ride my bike there, so it should be dually awesome for APs, not that a 1/2 mile bike ride is good for anything, except the soul.

This is what I had for dinner yesterday. This is the pork veggie bake from the pictures of my last entry. I ate it with some salsa and Guiltless Gourmet tortilla chips. MmmmMmMmmmm.


antgirl said...

Mmmmm. That looks yummy.

Sounds like you had a great weekend.

kristen said...

Don't beat yourself up for your friend's sandwich and fries. You did a lot of walking, I'm sure those were a bunch of calories burned.

I keep reading about this Zumba class! My gym doesn't offer it, but it sounds like fun. I'm pretty self conscious though, I feel like I'd make an ass out of myself.

Helping someone else out with their diet/exercise routine is so rewarding. I'm sure it'll help get you back OP again.