Sunday, February 1, 2009

Workout Stats : Sunday : 2/01/09

Workout Stats : Sunday : 866 calories burned
+ 30 minutes Strength Training
+30 minutes Stepmill Dance
+30 minutes Stationary Bike
+1.5 mile run

Awesome. I kept my word (finally). It felt great to be back at the gym, though it was very hard to focus on the task at hand when we are having a beautiful Minnesota winter day above freezing. It's sunny and I wore a vest instead of a jacket - traditionally the way I tell myself it's Spring or Fall after the changing of seasons. I realize it's not Spring, but it was a fun dip into fantasyland either way.

Today is SuperBowl Sunday, traditionally a day I attend a party with my Dad and all of his friend's and their kids that I grew up with. I'm opting out both because I don't trust myself with yummy snacks and because I don't feel like driving all the way out to Eagan where the Hogans, who are hosting this year, live. Instead I'm going to get together with good friends and hold a SCRABBLEBOWL.

I'm doing damage control today because of the stupid benefit dinner last night. Drinking lots and lots of water and doing my best to eat light with minimal sodium (oops, shouldn't have eaten that soup I guess). I'm excited to weigh in tomorrow, but realize that my overindulgence last night could have detrimental effects on the results. Just knowing I saw that 4 on the scale (not once but twice) will keep me motivated to stay OP.

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LTer4ever said...

Man, what a workout you had!!! Congratulations! You are rocking it. Scrabblebowl sounds fun. Hope you had a great time.