Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To Cupcake, or not to Cupcake?

My friend Ben just dropped off this adorable half-dozen cupcakes as a thank you gift. I have my eye on the coconut one, but I have to bring a snack to my board meeting tonight. What an easy solution to this delicious problem. Do I keep them here and enjoy one a day for 6 days... OR ... bring them to the meeting, grab the coconut one right away and share the wealth?


*Irene* said...

See my post today...I want one!! =)

LTer4ever said...

Without further haste, bring them to the meeting and let them out of your sight! I have to tell you the BEST cupcake I ever had was a giganto red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.

Jambam said...

Those are really beautiful.

nic said...

They are beautiful, they were delicious. I brought them to the meeting, ate the entire coconut one and cut a sliver off all the others to try before sharing.

Luckily, no one thought this was weird.

I counted it as 2 whole cupcakes.