Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thoughts from the Desk : Cheaty McCheat Face

I binged today.

It started with a donut. Today was the MN Coalition for the Homeless "Day at the Capitol." It's a lobbying day for agencies working toward ending homelessness to arrange and attend meetings with legislators. Our agenda this year requires a jump in spending where there have been cuts, but the recent upsurge in homelessness due to job loss, mortgage crisis and various other factors serve to keep it in the forefront of our lawmakers minds.

I secured a ride there with my Executive Director. We had to make a stop... for coffee and donuts. It was one of those situations where you can't really turn it down or risk seeming rude. I mean, of course I could have said "no," but it would have made for uncomfortable conversation. At least this way we could talk about how good the donuts were (they were).

After lobbying, I caught a ride back to the office, finished up some things and came back here to work from my home office. It was definitely lunch time, especially since I never really had breakfast and donuts serve no purpose but to keep you perpetually wanting more donuts. I ate the last of the Quinoa Caprese salad I made, which was pretty much almost 2 portions (making it 12 points, running total is 18 points, plus coffee = 19 points for the day so far. I only get 24). After bringing the tupperware to the sink, I still felt hungry. So I ate some of the Chicken/Spinach Couscous (around 4 points worth = 23 points). That wasn't enough, so I had some Crystal Light (0!) in an attempt to stop the binge.

No go.

Next I moved on to Fruit Leather. This would have been fine if I stuck to the one (1 point), but instead I had 3 (4 points = 27 points). I cracked down on work at this point and genuinely didn't have time to focus on why I wanted to eat so bad... and I stopped.

During a bathroom break, I decided to make some popcorn (2 points = 29 points). Later, I had a gigantic bowl of cereal, which under normal portion pretenses would be 1.5 points (4 points = 33 points).

I'm updating this right now in an attempt to STOP THE BINGE! I made a mug of diet hot cocoa (0) and I'm going to get very creative with a low point dinner. It's ridiculous that I am almost 10 points over and have not eaten dinner - traditionally my highest point meal of the day.

I'm ultra-disappointed in myself because my weigh in is tomorrow. I'm not going to claim to have done well this week. In fact, I pretty much fell all the way off track on Saturday night eating coconut cookies, chocolate flan cake and various other disasters.

I pledge that it ends now. It would be so easy to let it end tomorrow though...

I am re-starting the 2 week TOTALLY OP challenge tomorrow. I can do it.


shamrock said...

Binge? Binge? Let me tell you about my binge this weekend. There were FIVE bags of candy hearts involved, some trail mix (unhealthy!), and a bunch of other horrible things I can't remember because I passed out.

But then I read your blog and saw your AWESOME new picture, and you totally motivated me. I gave away my remaining candy yesterday and even got rid of a few ghiradelli pieces I got from my aunt in the mail. And tonight I went to a spinning class.

And maybe most surprising of all... I'm blogging again. Yikes!

I think you have the address, but it's: http://skinnyshamrock.blogspot.com/

Maybe I can motivate you a fraction of what you motivate me. :)

nic said...

I'm so excited that you came back to the interwebz.

I find no pleasure in hearing about a worse binge than mine, because frankly... all you just did was make me hungry. ;o)

Thank you for the pic compliment! Can't wait to see yours!

kristen said...

In the grand scheme of things, that's one healthy binge! It could have been a lot worse. The fact that you actually counted the points and wrote down what you ate is great- you're taking responsibility for going off track.

I agree with Nic, reading about all the yummy foods you ate is making me hungry!