Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday : Giving up on avoiding you.

Hi blog.

I've been avoiding you. I'm sure you've noticed. Remember when I promised to be good? Remember the Just for Today Challenge? Well, I've renamed it the Just til Tomorrow Challenge, apparently.

I've had a bad couple of days. They were preceded by a bad couple of weeks. The worst part is that I know what the problem is here. I am too busy, but not in a challenging way. My current obligations are time consuming, but mundane. Last year, this is when I scheduled out time to hit the gym, hardcore, to really challenge myself. I'd love to be back in that mindset, but I am so incredibly bored with the gym, I can't even stand being there.

I'm going to start taking the dance classes I was talking about. I'm ok with ponying up a little extra money if it will keep me on track. Justin has also started nurturing his interest in running, so I'm going to try to re-start Couch to 5k and get back on track with that. Maybe by spring we will be running together outside. Anything healthy we can do together is a plus.

The only real news, I suppose, is that I got a Blackberry last week and it's taken me a few days to even figure out how to make a call. Now I have all my mobile features set up (Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, etc) and I found out how to use Weight Watchers Mobile, so that is going to be VERY helpful to have a points calculator handy at the grocery store.

Yesterday, due to TOM, I decided (as usual) to skip the gym. I did, however, make a conscious decision that I needed to get some activity and not sit in bed all day, which is what I really wanted to do. I called up Jessica and we decided to spend the early part of the evening at the Mall. I stopped at Target, picked out the cheapest pedometer available. We walked 9612 steps in about 3.5 hours. The WW Activity Points Tracker has a section that translates your steps (based on stride length) into APs. For someone as short as I am, which a relatively tiny stride length, this amount of steps earned me 3 APs, which seems reasonable.
I'm happy to have this little toy. I think it will be a fun way to get in extra activity. I actually HATE walking places. I'd much rather ride my bike, so this will help me change it up.
I'd like to say I'm GOING to be back on track today. I WANT to be back on track today. So far I AM on track today.


kristen said...

I've been toying with the idea of getting a pedometer, just to see how many steps I usually take in a day. We're supposed to get around 10,000, right? I've also used my TOM excuse to avoid the gym and eat what I want the past few days, but 'm putting my foot down and making myself go to the gym today.

That blackberry WW app sounds cool! What a great little handy tool to have on hand. What kind of dance classes are you thinking about taking? I bet once you start taking that you'll be inspired to keep active and you'll have no problem doing the Couch to 5k. :)

Rebecca said...

for someone who is going through this funk as well...i totally know what your going through.

all we can do is focus on each'll get back where you want to be.

antgirl said...

I just got an awesome set of adjustable dumbbells from Target ... and a lipstick. The gal at checkout and I had a laugh over that one.

I got through my funk by switching to strength training and a new bright pink sports bra.

nic said...

I think having a new toy makes a HUGE difference.

Clifford said...

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