Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snack Attack : Caramel Apple

Apple + Sugar Free "Creamy Caramel" Pudding = 2 points
In response to Jessica's latest post in which she totally trashes my favorite dessert (ice cream!!!) I found myself wondering how I could be spending my own dessert points a little better. Tonight's solution was to make up for a missing fruit/vegetable serving from my GHGs, so I decided to pair an apple with a single serve portion of the new flavor of Sugar Free Jello Pudding I found at the store : Creamy Caramel.

The outcome is decidedly declicious and perfect for late night snacking, which is how I tend to do most of my desserting in the first place. I like the idea that I feel like I'm having more, it takes me longer to eat and it is riculously tasty. Plus, dipping is always fun.

I'm sold. Love it. Try it.


antgirl said...

Sounds yummy! A great snack is one that works for you and hits all your buttons. I, too, check what food category I may have skimped on for the day when reaching for my snacks.

Jessitracker said...

I just can't deal with 1/2 a cup of ice cream! I'm too much of a hunger beast, I guess.

That apple idea is SO awesome though. Brilliant, really. I'm stealing it.

kristen said...

oh my god, what a delicious idea! I eat an apple every day and love to pair it with peanut butter or cheese. But this! I haven't seen this kind of jello yet but I'm definitely keeping my eye out next time I go shopping!