Sunday, February 15, 2009

No Wonder "Value Menus" are so Popular!

I just wanted to comment on how expensive it is to be healthy. You've got the gym membership, buying new clothes as you lose weight, keeping on top of your running shoes, etc etc. There's a lot of things to spend your money on.

In this economy, the grocery bill has been the most daunting factor in my weight loss adventure.

As a small family of 3, I probably shouldn't complain, but my love for cooking and trying new foods can really empty my pockets. I've been relying heavily on the Weight Watcher's cookbook line for the last year to give me ideas for low point food that is still exciting and family friendly.

Two weeks ago, I bought a great one that I wanted to share with you.

The 2009 Now and Later cookbook. The premise is that you make one meal, and implement components from that first meal into the second. This week, as I was planning my grocery list, I consulted "the book" as I will now call it. I picked 4 pages worth of meals (8 meals, what I typically shop for) and added the needed items to the list plus all of my staples.
I've already been grocery shopping, and the total bill was $165 versus the $250-$270 we generally spend at the grocery store.
That probably sounds like a lot to the single ladies or coupled ladies, but you'd be surprised how quickly this food goes away. Plus, living in Minnesota, our produce is very expensive during the winter because it's not from here (ick! I can't wait until the Farmer's Market is running again).
I'm so excited to have saved this $100 dollars and can't wait to get cooking.

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LTer4ever said...

That's a great cookbook. Way to go on saving $100. Man, that'll add up soon!