Thursday, February 19, 2009

HOLD UP! WAIT A MINUTE! It's peanut butter edit time.

I wanted to make a small, but very important distinction. When I said, yesterday, that I was up 2.8lbs, I mean from my meeting weight 2 weeks ago. Clear? Clear.

Because I weighed myself at home last week, in clothes, around a similar time I would have been at the meeting... this week I really only gained....


Not bad, not bad.


Rebecca said...


either way... great job on an OP day!

i would be interested in knowing though, if you get up so early, when do you go to bed?

you seem to have crazy busy days!

kristen said...

.4 gain is MUCH better! You're getting back OP and by next week I bet you'll have a loss. BTW, that sausage dinner looks so good. I love the idea of that Now & Later cookbook!

nic said...

I go to bed somewhere between 10:30pm and 1am, and get up at 5:15am everyday.

The only thing that courses through my veins is fresh ground coffee.