Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Dinner : Tuesday : 2/10/09 Taco Salad

Spinach Salad + Tomato + Chiles + Leftover Chicken Crock Stuff = 3 points
The leftover "Chicken Crock stuff" is my favorite slowcooker recipe. It's not even a recipe. It's literally opening a jar of salsa, a can of black beans and a tray of chicken breasts and putting them all in the crockpot. Lid on. Temperature low. Leave it for about 6-7 hours and you have a delicious meal.
I love it because I only use little tortillas, the small ones that are just slightly larger than a saucer. I can have "fill" about 3 of those tortillas with the concoction for around 5 points (the tortillas make up 1/2 of that total) because the crockpot lets the chicken cook and stay super tender so we just "shred" it by working through it with a fork. That way you use about 1-1.5oz of chicken rather than the 5-6oz breast you typically want to eat.


I'm feeling slightly terrified today. I didn't realize that I had placed so much emphasis on my meeting weigh in. I see why people in meetings lose more weight, you're definitely accountable to someone. And even though I'm sure she wouldn't care, I don't want to let my leader down by having a gain this week.

And I will. Gain, that is.

So many excuses are spinning around in my head. Mainly though, that I am going to the vita.MN hotness party at the W tonight (or at least I hope I am) and if I go to my meeting I will have very limited time to get ready. That's a REALLY stupid excuse, especially because the meeting ends about an hour before I intended to leave in the first place.

I am literally full of excuses for everything lately. I haven't been going to the gym. I haven't been spending as much time with Justin because I have so much work to do and we have opposite schedules.

I really need to figure out how to make this a priority for me again.

Two Week Totally OP Challenge starts TODAY.

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Rebecca said...


just recently found your blog and wow.. what amazing inspiration.

makes me really want to power on.