Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Checking in on Hunger

Today is the first day of my Just for Today Challenge. So far, so good. I've been checking in with myself and my hunger signals today, and the funny thing is, I haven't eaten much at all because of this.

I did have breakfast, but it was light - as usual. A kid's Clif Z bar in Chocolate Brownie and a huge mug of coffee. It's organic, if that helps to excuse the fact that I had chocolate for breakfast.

I allowed myself to get overly hungry in the afternoon - around lunchtime. However, because there was nothing to binge on (I was in the car), I had to wait until I got home. At that point, I was ravenous, but rather than dig in, I did the dishes and had a glass of water to tame it. The reason I did this is a) I wanted to eat what I actually wanted, rather than the first (and second and third) thing I saw, b) I literally had no dishes left.

In the end, nothing in the fridge actually sounded good, though I would have eaten any of it. I decided to head to the co-op for sushi. I also made a stop at Target to print out my "Before" pictures to show my leader, who has no idea what I looked like when I was heavier.

I started to get some pangs of hunger about an hour ago, but my meeting is tonight and I have WI at 6:45pm. I decided to have a snack, but first, I had a glass of water and sat down to really think about what I wanted.


.... and cake.

I decided to meet in the middle and make my favorite caramel apple snack with the Sugar-Free Creamy Caramel pudding I love so much. It totally cured that sweet tooth craving.

Now I'm off to the meeting. I'm incredibly excited about the topic and I will report back. I'm also making the most DELICIOUS DINNER on the planet! Expect pictures!

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