Monday, February 9, 2009

Breakfast : Monday : 2/09/09 : Sweet (potato) Breakfast

1/2 cup Egg Beaters + 1 cup diced Sweet Potato + 2/3 cup plain fat-free Yogurt = 6 points
Yummy. A recent goal of mine has been to spend a little more time on myself. I know that I constantly complain in this blog about how busy I am, can't make it to the gym, work is crazy, stress stress stress.. but that needs to change. I have the time to slow down, I just don't use it.

This breakfast is one of my attempts. It's not as if it took long to make, but traditionally on a Monday morning (or.. afternoon) I would opt for cereal or instant oatmeal as a breakfast item. This plate feels like cheating and it's full of protein which will hopefully help me when I make time to visit the gym in a few hours.

On the topic of that goal, I've also decided to start that fashion blog. I'm hoping it will help me to break out of my wardrobe rut, allow me to spend a little more time giving thought to my appearance and provide an additional outlet for me to reflect on body confidence as it comes and goes. It's a silly idea, but I'm excited to work on it. If you're curious, you can find it at


antgirl said...

Mmmm. Yummy.

LTer4ever said...

I'm a sweet potato fan so this looks mighty good to me!

Oh, a fashion blog - me likes it. I'm heading over right now!