Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Workout Stats : Tuesday : 1/20/09 : Inaugural Activities!

Workout Stats : Tuesday : 1,371 calories burned!
Workout One:
+30 minutes strength training non-stop circuits
+15 minutes stepmill
+15 minutes bicycle
+15 minutes elliptical
(716 calories burned)
Workout Two:
+90 minutes African Dance Class at Zenon Dance Academy
(655 calories burned)
So I totally feel like I deserve an Olympic Medal today. Not really, I just thought it was a cool image - and I burned a HELL OF A LOT of calories today. I'm very proud of myself. I went back to the gym for the first time since last Wednesday, it was almost a week away and I was dying for it. I pushed myself hardcore and burned 716 calories there.
My sister asked me to come along to the Beginners African Dance class at Zenon. We had gone to this class a few times together about 5 years ago and she started going back. There was a new teacher, and he is from Ghana - so he teaches more traditional dances, which was great because I really connect with them. They tell stories. The old teacher was a some weird white lady. Not that white ladies can't know a lot about African dance... but c'mon. Either way, the first time I ever attended that class I would guess I weighed about 175lbs, but I was very very unfit. My face turned purple from all the strenuous jumping in barefeet and just crazy movements that my body was not used to attempting. This time, the class was still very hard, but no purple face. That's kind of a NSV I guess. Either way, it was a blast and I'm glad I wore my HRM! 655 calories burned there.
I also walked to and from the train to get downtown to Zenon. I didn't count that as anything, but it's probably about a mile (the round trip, not one way).
Oh yeah, and we have a new president. Did you hear? I'm very very excited and moved and inspired and hopeful. Hopeful that people will step up to the plate and stop taking this country for granted. I know so many people who work so hard all day every day to beautify and improve the way we live here... and I want to be able to say EVERYONE I know does that.
I'm doing my part and I know I can do more.
So I will.


Jessitracker said...

Sounds like a great workout!

LTer4ever said...

Whoa, baby! You are rockin those workouts. I want to be just like you when I grow up.