Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Thoughts from the Desk : Pre- MEETING!

I just switched my account from Online Only to the Monthly Pass. I will now be attending meetings in addition to my e-tools subscription. There are a few reasons why I did this. One is because I really believe I'd make an excellent leader someday, and sadly, due to ignorance on Weight Watchers part - you can only do this if you attend meetings during your Weight Loss journey. Two, because I have been stuck in a rut lately, and this will be a great way to change things up. Lastly, I really like stickers.

I'm attending my first meeting tonight to see what's up. I'm a little nervous because I generally weigh in on Monday mornings in my nightgown. Today I'll be weighing in at 4:30pm in all of my clothes. Obviously, the weight will be higher than it is first thing in the morning with nothing on. I need to set myself up to realize this, and hope that seeing that little "blip" on my weight tracker won't screw me up.

I've decided that I will only be tracking the weight I take from home, assuming I'm still able to do that... I hope I can. That would suck if I couldn't. Even if I can't, I'll be weighing MYSELF on Monday mornings regardless, and those will be the updates you see on this blog and in my progress chart, regardless of what my WW site states.

In general, I'm not sure meetings will really help me. I do love to talk, so having a forum where people are generally interested in my tips and tricks and can help me with my struggles will probably be assuring, but otherwise, I already read a lot of the articles on the website, so I'm not sure that the topics will necessarily be of great assistance. However, it would be a pleasure if this is what does it for me. Besides, they hand out little phamplets each week and I bet they have recipes in them. I'm always looking for new recipes.

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