Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thoughts from the Desk : Post Oops #2

Tejas = El Diablo

I was completely and totally OP today until 8pm when I walked into Tejas restaurant - a staple of the 50th and France area of Edina -- a ritzy neighborhood suburb of Minneapolis. My good friend Allysen invited me out because it had been quite some time since we'd had a "girl's night" and she had a $100 gift certificate.

I tried to choose wisely from the menu. We shared everything, and I feel like I made decent choices, I just ate too much. I ate beyond being full - which I wasn't much of when we got there. I also had a prickly pear margarita... which definately wasn't part of the plan (wine was the plan) so that ate up 6 points right there.

We ended up sharing guacamole, of which I had 6 chips worth. I ate verrrryyyy slllloooowwwllly. Then, pan seared calamari (not fried!) followed by butternut squash enchiladas (which just tasted like dessert). So I got a lot of vegetables in and some good protein also. I haven't tracked this yet, so I don't know the extent of the damage, but I know it was more than I had points for. I know that.

As a small NSV despite this mess, (NSV= non scale victory) I did only have the ONE margarita, despite the fact that Allysen also had one, as well as 2 glasses of wine. Idecided that since I had the maragarita, I shouldn't have the "couple" glasses of wine I had planned for. I drank water instead. No dessert.

Well, I'm off to track this mess. Tomorrow morning will be extra gym time. I'm at 26 APs for the week so far, and tomorrow is my last chance to make it over 30. I also PROMISE MYSELF to drink drink drink the water. Many waters. Gallons of water. I have to cleanse.


Becky said...

Great job on only having one margarita! Looks like a great restaurant! Maybe I will have to stop by when I'm in the cities again (born in Minneapolis.)

LTer4ever said...

That sounds like a totally yummy meal!!!! How did you do yesterday with your plans? Good for you on the NSV. We've got to take credit when we can!