Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Non-Scale (and pro-wallet) Victory!

Size 6, baby. Size 6. In a dress, granted, but it's a 6. Today I also WORE a pair of size 8 pants - COMFORTABLY. It's definately the brand that matters, and it's such a superficial victory, but I am flying high.

The picture is just evidence. I am going to a black-tie gala with my sister tomorrow night and I had nothing to wear. I wanted to go out and find something that would pass suitably for dressed down black tie (as in - hell no I'm not wearing a ball gown - kind of thing). I decided to try Lula, a vintage shop in St. Paul thinking I could find a really cool dress. Nothing fit right - in a great way. It was all too big in some part. I realize this is because vintage wear is typically made for your average to tall height lady, and that is why things fit me strange (gaping throughout the entire back of the torso), but it was still a nice feeling. I also headed to the new Everyday People store that opened just a few doors down on Selby. It's adorable and they bought a ton of the things I brought to consign. I left with a bracelet, a ring (no dress!) and $84. Ka-ching!

I knew I'd have better luck at my ultra favorite shopping spot, Nu Look. I stopped home quick to let out the dogs and check my online account with Nu Look where they store information on the items that you've brought to consign that have sold, and what remains - as well as the current balance of your account. I had $45 in there, and I was ready to use it.

I made the trek to the store, walked right in and straight down to the dress rack. I pulled about 9 amazing dresses that I would have been happy to wear. In the fitting room, they were all so marvelous that it really came down to exact fit, and of course price. Lastly, it fell between a gorgeous and funky ruffled dress that I LOVED for $90, and this also very beautiful Ann Taylor dress at 75% off $34, making it $8.50 for anyone who is not a math wizard. The dress fits like a glove and it's ultra flattering. Being that it's petite it even hits at the correct line of the knee. I love the way I look in it, I'm just not a fan of the color.

The obvious choice was to get the super cheap dress. So I did. I am now $84, a dress, 2 necklaces, a bracelet, a ring and a shawl richer.

Great day!


antgirl said...

I need to go shopping with you!

Congrats on the 6!

nic said...

seriously, I am an AWESOME deal finder.