Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Meeting Update : I'm a MEETING girl now!

So, with the newly switched plan and a monthly pass, I geared up today and went to a meeting. Well, technically I went to TWO meetings! I figured it would take me a while to find one I liked. I've been to meetings before and found them boring, uninspiring and full of old people.

Hrmmm, the first meeting was. The leader was a drag, the people were... old, and the "Receptionist" had my least favorite personality type; and she didn't listen. AND she made me wait in line and register, when I told her I already had a Monthly Pass FIVE times. When I got up to the desk, she said "Ohhh you have a Monthly Pass? Well then you just go weigh in the back, you didn't have to wait." ANNOYING.

Hated the meeting. Checked my watch approximately 8 times in 40 minutes. Not a good sign.

I remembered seeing something on the meeting finder about a meeting at the Y (my gym). I had an inclination that it was on Wednesdays (today) so I called. It was! Even though I had just gotten out of boring meeting #1, I headed to the Y, read the CityPages anxiously awaiting the start and got there a little early to meet the leader.

Instantly I was greeted with conversation and a VERY welcome atmosphere. The leader came up to me personally to help me because I was new. Diane (the leader) was nominated Leader of the Year last year, so you know she's good. It felt like a million year friendship from the first second we talked. I'm sure she comes off that way to everyone, what a GREAT character. I explained that it was my second meeting of the day, I'd been on the program for 13 months, lost almost 50 lbs, etc etc. She was so excited. Genuinely excited about my progress. She doesn't even know me! It was great. I also mentioned I was looking for a meeting that wasn't full of boring old people. She told me that they had a great mix of young and old, lifetime and new members, and that everyone liked to talk.

I knew it was the place for me.

At meetings, you get stickers and rewards and bravos and people clap for you. What once felt like it would be a chore, now feels exciting. Diane even pointed out my prior progress by myself to the group afterwards, so even though I hadn't done anything *that week* according to them, I felt honored, inspired and inspiring.

It's so convenient and fun! I'm excited about meetings now. The whole... weighing with clothes on thing isn't very cool. I weighed 157lbs at 4:30pm in my clothes today. It's a big change from being mostly naked first thing in the morning, but I'll deal with it. That means my 135 goal is really going to mean 129 or so in the meeting. YIKES!

I can do it.

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Becky said...

YAY! I'm glad you found a WW meeting you liked!