Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Last Twenty : Morning Edition

Good Morning.

Today I have a plan. A meal plan and a vow to get back to the gym after an entire week away. My menu is skillfully written across the refrigerator door, my gym back is packed and I'm enjoying a brief cup of coffee before work.

I'm operating on very little sleep this morning due to a dog issue. We are watching a friend's corgi Cooper while she is out of town for work a few days. He apparently hates our house and isn't happy to be here. He barks a lot and his bark is very high pitched. He licks feet and he has accidents because he's at tiny dog and I'm not used to having to let dogs out that often. I pretty much got out of bed every 2 hours last night to let him outside. Exhaustion....

I have made a conscious decision to start eating breakfast this week. It's something I tend to not do. I usually eat my first item of food around 10am, after having been up for 5 hours. It's usually also a small snack, like an apple or a kashi bar. This morning I'm going to have some yogurt and bring along that apple and kashi bar. I think my metabolism needs a kick in the butt.

Feeling renewed (again... despite the lack of sleep) and ready to take on the day. Talk to me in like 3 hours though, I'll be singing a different tune.


LTer4ever said...

Here's a little cheer to keep you going:

Come on now you can do it,
Put a little power to it!!!!

{{me jumping up into a leg split raising the pom poms}}}

antgirl said...

Breakfast is the best thing you can do. It took me awhile to get into the habit. Now I wake up earlier because I'm hungry. :)

I'll second LTer4ever, YOU CAN DO IT!

Good thing you get to give the dog back soon. I'd be exhausted, too.