Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! First post of 2009.

Welcome to your New Year.
2009, huh? It's not real for me yet. I haven't had to write the date. I am, however, nursing myself from a very long, very fun day yesterday. I rang in the New Year with people I love, and I'm thankful. I had time to reflect on the past year and my accomplishments and take a few moments to really delve into what I want to get done this year.

My original resolution for the year was the quit smoking on the first. That's today, but I didn't quit. It's kind of pathetic, but I have been smoking for a very very very very long time, so it was foolish to think I'd wake up in 2009 without the urge to continue doing it. I did decide to take some logical steps towards that goal. 1) I am going to preroll cigarettes for the day and leave my tin at home. If I run out, I'm out of luck. Should have budgeted better. Just like points. 2) No more smoking in the car. This is where I tend to smoke the most. When I have to run errands, every time I get back in the car, I want another cigarette. Now I can't.

Another goal is obviously to attempt to make Weight Watchers Goal weight. I know this plateau has been because I have been slacking in portion sizing and sneaking in things here and there. I'm actually really content with the fact that I have stayed in the 150s, rather than ballooning back up. It really gives me confidence that I have learned the essential balancing skills for maintaining a steady weight. The logical steps towards reaching goal are to 1) return to the basics. I'm going to concentrate on GHGs (Good Health Guidelines) and start measuring my food again. 2) Recommit to fitness as priority, which goes along with my other resolution....

Make more time for myself by learning to say "NO!" No. It doesn't seem too hard to say, but I somehow find it impossible. I'm always trying to help everybody, even when it's unsolicited. I need to start doing the things I love to do again and fit everything else in around THAT rather than vice versa.

All in all, this year will about continuing my journey to a healthier me, and adding some mental nurture along the way.

Hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve. Hopefully you've crawled out of bed by now.

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