Thursday, January 29, 2009

Good Morning.

I am running ridiculously late for work, but I wanted to toss in a quick update. I am having one of those days where I know I forgot to put something on my day planner, but I can't think of what it is.

I ended up being too busy to make it to the gym yesterday, but I did do an unofficial meeting weigh in since I had to miss my meeting for the Speed Networking Event I hosted. The number on the scale shocked me.

Maybe I've been working out too hard? Unofficial clothing on fake meeting weigh in at 5pm last night is....


Now, I'm completely set in reality that this may not be what shows up on the scale again on Monday morning, but just to see that 4, after 26 weeks in the 150s, to know it's even possible.... I AM SO MOTIVATED.

Assuming that thing I'm forgetting to do doesn't catch up with me, you'll find me in the gym later this afternoon. Hopefully I'll have a real update for you sometime soon on some topic that's actually useful and helpful rather than completely self-indulgent.


Jessitracker said...

WOOO!!! 140's!!! That is AWESOME.

antgirl said...

Excellent! The jumping up and down excitedly should plant you more firmly in the 140's. :)

MizFit said...

ok antgirl totally said what I was thinking :)