Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dinner : Wednesday : 1/21/09 : Totally Tomato

Crab Salad Stuffed Tomato + Wilted Spinach and Cabbage + Pita Chips and Hummus = 10 points
My meeting last night was both dissapointing and inspiring. I had to run a bunch of errands in the early afternoon, so I didn't even get a chance to eat lunch until 4:30pm - which (and I'm not trying to make excuses) I think affected my weigh in. I gained 0.2lbs, which I KNOW is nothing. I could have sneezed that out before hand, but it still just kind of annoyed me because I know I wasn't taking care of myself yesterday. I should have made time to eat. I did, later, make time to prepare this delicious meal! Yummy Yum.

I have completed 10 whole days of this 14 day challenge now! I feel so great about being in control that I want to go back to the meeting topic, which was "Your body is trying to tell you something." I am horrible with boredom eating when I am at home. I know that I love to eat if I'm watching t.v. This is both habitual and out of boredom, so I will do it for either of those reasons despite the fact that I'm generally not hungry at any given point that I am watching t.v. I also NEED dessert. Literally, my body craves something sweet after eating, but I guarantee I could get away with having a Lifesaver rather than a bowl of ice cream and get the same effect. Either way, Diane (my leader) was simply talking about listening to your body, and attempting to figure out what's really going on. Are you actually hungry? No. What are you feeling? Anxious. What else could you do? Go for a walk. Things like that.

I don't typically listen for signals when I am at home. I only do this at work to avoid the mass amount of baked temptation in the staff kitchen. I need to realize that even though my home is stocked with healthy foods, and I'm not going over points - I don't need to snack when I'm not hungry. There is just no point. I want to begin to fill those bad habits with something else. I think it's going to take a while to figure it out, but I'm determined to get in tune with my body. You hear that body? You and me are going to be buds.... some day.

Also, if you ever want to ruin your ability to walk for at least 24 hours, take an African Dance class. I am still sore.


LTer4ever said...

Congrats on almost completing your 14-day challenge! That dinner looks amazing.

I am very much like you in the eating out of boredom and needing dessert after I eat, especially dinner. Listening to our bodies is always a good thing. It's just so hard to do with so much multi-tasking, huh?

Jessitracker said...

Hey, you're not being whack and staying on track by eating that totally tomato. I suppose a tomato is technically a fruit, so you must give a hoot!

antgirl said...

The class sounds fun. I like dancey stuff, though.

I have the same problem - snacking in the evenings. I control it with the options I give myself. Lately, I try to do something else - paint or just break my routine.

Mmmm. Your dinner looks delicious!