Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Dinner: Wednesday : 1/14/09 - Chicken and Apple Cabbage Slaw

Chicken + Apple Cabbage Slaw + Tomato Soup + Whole Wheat Pita = 8 points
A weird combonation, for sure. I was just craving tomato soup but I wanted to eat a "real" dinner too - not just grilled cheese. It ended up being fine. I dipped the pita in the soup and enjoyed the protein of the chicken. The cabbage apple slaw stuff was good too.
I still have 8 points left for the day. I'm not really sure what to do with them. I'm done being hungry... I just ate dinner. I'm sure I'll be excited to eat some ice cream later, that will help make up the difference.
The meeting was excellent. We didn't even really go over the topic, I don't think that's what this meeting is about. It's about a group of people, together in a room sharing stories. I like that, that's more motivating to me than hearing the leader talk about how to do the program. I know how to do the program. I love this leader, Diane, because she's great at continuing the conversation among us.
She's also great in the respect that she found out as much as she could about my journey on my own, and then decided that my actual starting weight for the meetings would be 203lbs, since it was 199 in my naked at home weighing. I just assumed my starting weight would be the 157 I weighed in at - so I'm VERY excited that I will get rewards for my 50lb mark when I hit it there! EEEK!
So I lost 2.6 for meeting weight. In clothes at 6:40pm tonight I weighed 154.4lbs. NIIIICE. That means when I'm naked on Monday, assuming I keep this up, I'll be down down down.
Woo Hoo!
Assuming I don't go nuts tonight to fill the deficit, I am finishing the 3rd day of my Two Week Totally OP Challenge! 11 more days to go!

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