Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Dinner : Tuesday : 1/6/08

4-pepper spiced Chicken Breast + Corn + Spinach + Sweet Potato Fries = 8 points
Nothing special about this dinner. It was good, I mean, but not exciting. Full of the things I needed to round out the day. I took my mom with me to the gym today. She is thinking about joining the YWCA (where I work out) because she works at the hospital very very close to it. She hadn't been to the gym in a long time, so I was very proud of her for coming. I hope she liked it, I think it would help me motivate her - though we'd rarely go at the same time (which is probably a good thing).

I had a decent workout. My mom doesn't get off work until 3:30pm and then she had to go to the pharmacy for something. She didn't pick me up until 4:15pm. We were at the gym during rush hour, at my lowest energy point of the day, on my 2nd smoke free day. I worked hard, but not that hard. I burned 549 calories in one hour. I'm fine with it, considering I ate pretty modestly today, with the exception of a big handful of walnuts, which cost me the same 5 points I earned at the gym. Ugh. At least those are good points. I'll just have Sugar-Free Rice Pudding for dessert instead of the ice cream I was hoping for. I'm trying to leave a little deficit everyday because I KNOW I'll end up over doing it on Friday. I have my last session of Leadership Institute. They order out lunch and it's always something that's horrible for me, but delicious and I don't want to bring my own lunch. I'll be spending overtime at the gym on Saturday and Sunday.

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