Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dinner : Tuesday : 1/13/09 : Keen QUINOA!

Quinoa Caprese + Campbells Select Harvest Light + Spinach drizzled with oil and balsamic vinegar + Red Wine = 10 points
YES! This dinner ruled. I tend to associate dinner with heavier items and I'm trying to move away from that. This meal totally hit the spot and helped me fit in all of the GHGs I still needed.

I made a stupid mistake today, but I recovered from it. There were bagels in the kitchen at work. I knew they were bad, I knew I shouldn't have one, I didn't even really want one. I decided I'd have a bite of one and see if I wanted more. I did, and then I ate the whole bagel. 6 points. I had no idea how much the bagel was worth when I was eating it. I knew it'd be bad, but in my head I was thinking more like 4.. not 6.

I tracked it. I'm done with it.

I went to the gym a little later than usual today so it was slightly busier than I am used to. I wasn't able to get the machines I wanted and my workout suffered because of it. It was still an amazing workout and I burned 659 calories, but now that I've been pushing myself super hard at the gym - I crave it. I pushed myself hard, but with the cardio machine options I was working with - it wasn't happening.

I have officially (unofficially) completed Day 2 of the Two Week Totally OP Challenge, assuming I don't eat 35 points worth of desserts later. Or, I suppose given the fact that I already have 16 APs for the week and it's only Tuesday (my weeks start on Monday) that it'd have to be 51 points of crap. Not going to happen.

I'm going to sit on my ass, on the couch, and watch American Idol auditions. I've never watched the actual show/competition, but MAN I love the auditions!

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