Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner : Thursday : My answer to KFC

"Fried" (turkey) Nuggets + Mashed "Potatoes" (cauliflower) + Corn = 7.5 (oil + BBQ sauce)
Oh my god, this was seriously awesome. When I was at the co-op the other night, my favorite frozen veggies were on sale, so I bought a ton of them. Cauliflower, butternut squash, sweet potatoes, etc (Jessica knows what's up). I genuinely had no idea what I was going to do with the cauliflower, I just knew it was a good deal so I should probably buy it.

Tonight while I was trying to figure out what to eat, I remembered when the South Beach Diet was a huge thing and my mom and I went out to some weird chain restaurant, I think it was called Bennigans or something of the sort and they had mashed "potatoes" made out of cauliflower. I thought I'd do my best to recreate such a thing. I boiled the cauliflower until it was very very tender, and then through it in my awesome Kitchen-aid mixer with some WW Cream Cheese, salt and pepper.

The nuggets came after the cauliflower experiment. I knew I was going to need to eat the turkey that was in the fridge because I took it out of the freezer about 3-4 days ago and it was not going to last much longer before it was in the slightly funky category. What do you do with Jennie-O Extra Lean boneless turkey medallions? I didn't feel like just tossing them in the pan with some oil, so I went Hungry Girl style and rolled them in FiberOne with this weird herb blend by Better Crocker that somehow ended up in my kitchen. Instant delicious.

Corn is corn. There's not much to explain there, obviously.

I've been thinking a lot today. I once again did not make it to the gym, not because I was too busy, but because by the time I was able to make time to go, I genuinely did not want to. I've been running around like a maniac this week bouncing from event to event to errand to event. My mind, however, hasn't been on food. This is both good and bad. I haven't had time to focus on my hunger signals because I barely had time to eat. I would literally FORGET to eat. Next week is far less packed and I fully intend to work on that reflection project and taking the time to listen to myself and my signals then.

I've promised myself I will go to the gym tomorrow whether I feel like it or not. I simply can't go the entire week without earning a single Activity Point. However, I do feel like my body is responding in a favorable way to the break from so much extra physical activity.

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antgirl said...

That looks really fabulously yummy.

I don't think you should sweat the gym thing too much. No pun intended. :) Sounds like you had a really hectic week.

Sounds like you could use a nice walk to relax and get some time to yourself. Hope you get that soon