Monday, January 12, 2009

Dinner : Monday : 1/12/2009 : Gorge on the Gorg

Gorgonzola Burgers with Cucumber-Yogurt Sauce + Butternut Squash fries, Bacon and White Bean Salad + Spinach salad with Tomatoes and Red Peppers = 9 points
So incredibly delicious. Just... delicious. Can't come up with a better word, how lame. This was so easy to make too, I'll be sure to post a recipe soon. It's too late to write much of an entry.
The only other thing I want to note is that today is the end of Day One of my Two Week Totally OP Challenge. I succeeded in being completely OP. I got all of the GHGs and hit my points target on the dot! I also earned 10 APs sweating it out at the gym. It was intense and glorious. I am a gym master now. I'm really proud of myself for rekindling my joy of exercise.

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