Sunday, January 11, 2009

Brunch : Sunday : 1/11/09 : Mmmm.

1 Egg + 1 Egg white scrambled with Broccoli, Spinach and Shrimp + VitaMuffin Blueberry Bran with 1 tbsp FF Ricotta Cheese + 1 Nectarine + Coffee = 5.5 points
I totally love breakfast food. I never eat actual breakfast at "breakfast time." I tend to favor easy things like cereal or oatmeal rather than cooking it up, but then again, I get up early and time is precious in the morning. I do, however, love having "breakfast" for lunch or dinner (we call it brinner). My favorite point saving technique is to use only one egg mixed with the white of another egg, it makes for lots of egg with far less points (well, 2 less points than using another egg). Anyway, by doing that I can add a VitaMuffin (1) and a Nectarine (1). WAY more food for the same amount of points.

I just got back from the gym about an hour ago. I skipped BodyFlow today, I just wasn't in the mood for it, which is totally odd. I'm pretty sure TOM is on it's way because I hate everything and feel really heavy and gross. I did burn 749 calories though, regardless of the fact that I forgot to take my vitamins this morning. Maybe that's why I feel sluggish and rude, I just took them so they'll kick in soon.

I'm going to make a delicious delicious dinner tonight, so stay tuned.

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LTer4ever said...

Your brunch looks and sounds absolutely delicious!!!! I can't wait to see what dinner is. I don't have anything exciting going on the kitchen today at my place, but tomorrow is Thai night.