Friday, January 16, 2009

Brunch : Friday : 1/16/09 : Eating smart!

Egg scramble with Spinach, Mushroom, Black Beans and Salsa + Fat Free Plain Yogurt with Blackberries and 1/2 Grapefruit = 5 points!
So part of this Two Week Totally OP Challenge is figuring out how to get all the GHGs in. When you really do stop and make sure the majority of your meal is made up of filling foods, you will certainly get to eat a lot more of it! Eating more of anything is usually my goal, so this works for me. As usual, I used one egg + one egg white to conserve points. It also leads to WAY fluffier eggs, a bonus. Somehow, portobello mushrooms ended up on my grocery list, but they are not called for in any of the recipes I had set aside for these 2 weeks. I must have had a fleeting thought about making Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms and decided against it. Oh well, it worked out for this breakfast because I had more veggies to toss in.

TOM finally showed up, so I need to watch it today and leave room for snacking. I am hanging out with my brother tonight (YAY!) and I'm sure I'll have a drink as well, so I've planned for that.


Becky said...

That looks yummy!

LTer4ever said...

You are doing SUPER on this two week challenge. I wish I could hang with you during meal times! Looks delicious.