Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Year for Change: WW New Program : Momentum Plan

Weight Watchers Momentum Plan

This morning when I went to track my morning coffee, I forgot that WW was rolling out a "new" plan today. Rumors of all the changes had spread across the message boards, but it turns out there really isn't much difference between the Flex Plan, which is what I was following, and the new plan which is supposed to be a combonation of the Core Plan and Flex Plan.

The most useful change that I am excited about is the addition of a "Hunger Scale" onto my points tracker. The points tracker is where I log every bite of food I eat during the day, it is assigned a points value and keeps a running talley of the amount of points I have eaten so far for the day. It also keeps a talley of my Activity Points earned and the Weekly Flex Points I have remaning.

I feel that the Hunger Scale will be useful for me. Once available only to the Core Plan followers who ate from a certain list of "Core Foods" and tracked only how satisfied they felt after eating rather than "counting" points, I am now able to rate how hungry I was before my meal, and how satisfied I am after. The simple addition of the scale to my tracker will help me evaluate what I REALLY want to eat and IF I really want to eat. I have a boredom snack addiction.

Another new aspect of the plan that I am not a fan of, but will certainly get used to, is the Activity Points bank. When you are on the Weight Watchers program, you are assigned a "Points Target." This target is a formula based on your age, weight and activity level of how many "points" (formula of calories/fat/fiber) who SHOULD eat each day. Additionally, you are granted "Weekly Flex Points" in the total of 35, to use how you please. You are able to earn Activity Points (or as I refer to them "APs"), which can be swapped for food, or not used to increase your loss for the week. On the "old" plan, APs could only be used on the day you earned them and would be "used" (on food) before any debit of your Weekly Flex Points. Now, on the "new" plan, they will be stored in your tracker for the week and you are able to use them after your Weekly Flex Points have been eliminated.

That was a mouthful.

The part that I don't like is that my Flexies will diminish before my Activity Points. I enjoyed the accountability of having to work out if I wanted to have an extra dessert or go out for a drink with the girls. I had to "earn" it, that kept me on track. It was also a goal to keep my Flex points number AT 35 at all times, and failing that, to keep it above 25 - never using more than 10.

I'm sure I'll figure it all out. In the meantime I will probably complain until I do.

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