Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Workout Stats : Tuesday 12/02/08

Workout Stats : Tuesday : 629 cals burned
+45 minutes strength training (supersets routine)
+15 minute run
+25 minutes elliptical

This was a really great workout. I was expecting to burn way more calories, but I'm happy with the effort I put into the entire hour and a half. The strength training routine that I love/despise so much is really the only one I feel does justice to the parts I am trying to actually strengthen and not just tone. It is very challenging and burns a significant amount of calories simultaneously because of the "supersets." It is based on a series of moves with a different amount of reps/sets based on your body type. I pulled it (physically) from a Fitness Magazine that my mom gave me a while ago. Later, as repayment for a favor I was not expecting any sort of repayment for, she bought me a subscription. Now I patiently (hah!) await one of my favorite publications every month in my mailbox.

You can find the program here.

I apologize to any readers I might have who actually noticed that I haven't been updating frequently; I have been busy. I have blocked out a significant block of time in the next two weeks to get organized and de-stress. I imagine this blog will have a large jump in updates due to the whole "at home for 2 weeks" thing, rather than the running around all over the city thing.

I'll keep you posted.

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